Published a 2nd Book on Runes

Hello all,

Sorry it’s been a while… I’ve been a very busy camper.

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve published another book on Runes.

Runes for: Divination (Advanced)

Runes for: Divination (Advanced) COVER Image

Available at in both Paperback and Kindle Versions.
Link to the Paperback
Link to the Kindle Version

Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Working on the next book in the series now.






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Rune of the day: Jera

RUNE of the day: Jera


The Rune: Jera

Jera is the 12th Rune of the Elder Futhark and the 4h Rune in Heimdall’s aett. It is most often associated with the element earth. In Astrology it’s closest to Venus / Libra and in the Tarot it’s similar to the Wheel of Fortune. Generally speaking, this Rune is about cycles of growth.

If you were to pull this single rune for a one rune reading, you would need to get out there and do some long term planning and understand that you can’t reap the rewards of your efforts until you actually put in some effort.

Look at your current situation and assess where you are in the cycle. Did you lose your job and are looking to start a new one? Is this the end of one cycle and the start of another? Are you stuck in a rut doing the same things day after day after day and are looking for a change?

Jera is generally a good Rune to have as it reminds us that everything is cyclical. Enjoy what you have now… Understand what “season” you are in and act accordingly.

If you have previously done the work, then now is the time to reap the rewards of your efforts.

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RUNE of the day: PERTHRO

RUNE of the day: PERTHRO

Perthro is the 14th Rune of the Elder Futhark and the 6th Rune in Heimdall’s aett. It is most often associated with the element water. In Astrology it’s closest to Jupiter and in the Tarot it’s similar to the Wheel of Fortune.

Generally speaking, this Rune is about risk taking. It’s about the ability to tap into the future probabilities and finding the path that will benefit you the most in your current endeavor.

While generally a good Rune to have for good luck, fellowship and happiness, too much of the energy of this Rune can cause chaos, confusion and destruction.

This Rune typically signifies the need to meditate to seek the optimal path. The Great Norns, the Fates, govern this Rune especially closely. For it is in their domain that the paths of the past, present and future are revealed.

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Make your own set of Runes or buy them?

There has been a fair amount of debate over the years on which is better, to make your own set of runes or to buy a set already made.

I have mixed feeling abut this as I am very creative and aside from my very first rune set, I have made all of my own sets out of various shapes and sizes of wood. That is my “preference”. However, near as I can tell, it makes no difference in a reading if you make your own or use a purchased set.

The Fates/Norns/Guides/”powers-that-be” are thought to manipulate the runes when they are picked or chosen in a reading to provide guidance to the seeker. So it should make little difference where the runes came from or how they were made.

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There is no “Blank Rune”.

Runes are SYMBOLS. Have you ever seen a blank symbol? No? Neither has anyone else.

Runes are NOT the medium on which they are carved or drawn onto. They are the SYMBOL that is carved or drawn onto that medium. Symbols carry power, emptiness carries nothing.

Around this room I see a blank notebook, it that a “blank rune”? Or how about the blank side of a garbage can, is that a “blank rune”? Or the blank wall under my window, is that a “blank rune”? No, no and no.

Some even attribute this so called “blank rune” to mean unknown mysteries or fate, which clearly shows they have no idea what they are talking about as this is the domain of the Rune Perthro.

If anyone ever tries to do a reading for you using a “blank rune” in the set, I suggest you walk away, quickly.

There is no “Blank Rune”.

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The Three Runic Aettir

The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark are in their prescribed order for a reason. Each rune and each aett in turn is built upon a foundation of the runes that proceed it in a logical and methodical pattern. Beware of authors that rearrange the runes into new random patterns and claim it’s due to their being “enlightened”. The organization and arrangement of the Elder Futhark has been in use and in place for 3,000 years. Even the name “Futhark” is a representation of the first six runes of the first aett.

The runes of the Elder Futhark are divided into three groups of eight runes each. Each group is called an Aett.

The first group, aett, is associated with the Goddess Freyja. This aett symbolizes the creation of the universe, order out of chaos, and the creation of all things.

The second aett is named after the God Heimdall. This aett is about the disruptive forces that cause great change in the energies established in the first aett.

The third aett is called Tiwaz’s aett after the God Tyr. This aett is essentially about the gods and divinity.

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Runes are not just for divination.

Runes have been used for centuries, not only for divination purposes, but also as “talismans” and as “bind runes” to both attack and defend. They are a powerful tool when wielded by skilled hands. They can be equally dangerous to the wielder when used by the untrained and uninitiated.

Here is a sword with the rune, TIWAZ, engraved just above the hilt.

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