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Make your own set of Runes or buy them?

There has been a fair amount of debate over the years on which is better, to make your own set of runes or to buy a set already made. I have mixed feeling abut this as I am very creative … Continue reading

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There is no “Blank Rune”.

Runes are SYMBOLS. Have you ever seen a blank symbol? No? Neither has anyone else. Runes are NOT the medium on which they are carved or drawn onto. They are the SYMBOL that is carved or drawn onto that medium. … Continue reading

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The Three Runic Aettir

The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark are in their prescribed order for a reason. Each rune and each aett in turn is built upon a foundation of the runes that proceed it in a logical and methodical pattern. Beware … Continue reading

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Runes are not just for divination.

Runes have been used for centuries, not only for divination purposes, but also as “talismans”¬†and as “bind runes” to both attack and defend. They are a powerful tool when wielded by skilled hands. They can be equally dangerous to the … Continue reading

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Origin of the Runes

It is through the Norse God of Magic, Odhin, that gods and men are able to receive the wisdom of the Runes. Odhin was the first being to be initiated into the Runic mysteries by extracting the Rune wisdom directly … Continue reading

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