There is no “Blank Rune”.

Runes are SYMBOLS. Have you ever seen a blank symbol? No? Neither has anyone else.

Runes are NOT the medium on which they are carved or drawn onto. They are the SYMBOL that is carved or drawn onto that medium. Symbols carry power, emptiness carries nothing.

Around this room I see a blank notebook, it that a “blank rune”? Or how about the blank side of a garbage can, is that a “blank rune”? Or the blank wall under my window, is that a “blank rune”? No, no and no.

Some even attribute this so called “blank rune” to mean unknown mysteries or fate, which clearly shows they have no idea what they are talking about as this is the domain of the Rune Perthro.

If anyone ever tries to do a reading for you using a “blank rune” in the set, I suggest you walk away, quickly.

There is no “Blank Rune”.

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2 Responses to There is no “Blank Rune”.

  1. martin says:

    The blank rune or wryd rune will say that it is a blank rune of fate and that it is the will of the gods and something that cannot be foreseen. It does set confusion and seems pointless, however it is an important rune as it comes from the well of creation or wyrd. The rune will identify fear that is holding you back and sometimes that fear can be a push forward too. It is only blank because the mind has not created its image on its surface level so therefore its interpretation needs to be formed in the mind’s eye. You do this by understanding that we are a powerful force within the universe combined, to each passing of breathe is the intake of truth. For in that truth is word and in that word is action, now for everything that we do their is a consequnce of that action. Now providing are actions are true and just it starts a wonderfull wave of energy that pulsates arround our universe, making us feel good about ourselves and the achievements we have made. As this wave grows with the more intake of truth the more powerful and alive you become, thus in return alows the expansion and contraction of the true self to begin. This expansion and contraction is the spiritual heart beat keeping our sences alive. When we allow fear to consume us then this stops the spiritual heart beat thus creating the death of the ego, here our world fall to the lowest depths of despare and smash to a million pieces. It is at this point we pick up the broken pieces and take them to the minds eye, this reflection of the mind alows you to see the truth within the truth. Once you see this then you hear the answer within the answer, once you hear this you are able to speak the word of god. This word of god is the will of the gods which is what cannot be forseen unless it has been reflected on in the minds eye. In a nut shell meaning to pro-create in the well of creation.

  2. DlynneS says:

    On your Keyboard hold down the Alt Key and type in 255 on the number pad.
    You will get a Blank Symbol. There is definitely something there that fills a void. You (the human) just can’t see it.
    So is there a possibility for it?
    I do not use it but acknowledge its possible existence.

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