RUNE of the day: PERTHRO

RUNE of the day: PERTHRO

Perthro is the 14th Rune of the Elder Futhark and the 6th Rune in Heimdall’s aett. It is most often associated with the element water. In Astrology it’s closest to Jupiter and in the Tarot it’s similar to the Wheel of Fortune.

Generally speaking, this Rune is about risk taking. It’s about the ability to tap into the future probabilities and finding the path that will benefit you the most in your current endeavor.

While generally a good Rune to have for good luck, fellowship and happiness, too much of the energy of this Rune can cause chaos, confusion and destruction.

This Rune typically signifies the need to meditate to seek the optimal path. The Great Norns, the Fates, govern this Rune especially closely. For it is in their domain that the paths of the past, present and future are revealed.

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